Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System




Fair Distribution

of Content Revenue

We distribute content revenue to contributors based on accurate and trustworthy standard.

Sustainable Ecosystem for Content Creation

We build an ecosystem where quality content can be created in a continuous manner by introducing an efficiency-driven payment settlement process.

Protection of Content Rights

We protect the rights of creators and contributors by specifying the structure of level of contributions and shares in content.



Unclear and Inefficient Revenue Distribution Structure


Film Industry

There is a growing need for the development of new revenue sharing structure for creators and contributors as creators and contributors are only receiving fixed amount of fee regardless of additional gains or average-sized fee regardless of their level of contribution. The longer the revenues are distributed to creators and contributors based on unclear standard, the more creators and contributors will rely on investors and/or distributors. Eventually, an entity or a group including but not limited to investors, distributors and/or theaters that holds capital advantage shall dominate the whole film industry.

Influencer Industry

It is difficult for influencers to generate adequate amount of revenues unless they reach the top 5% in the whole industry. Furthermore, Multi-Channel Network agencies even demand affiliated influencers to broadcast pre-specified content in their streams in order to reach their own goal in a short term. Most influencers try hard to create reliable content, but it is getting more and more difficult to create content in a sustainable manner due to the limitation of such revenue distribution structure.



Reasonable Revenue Distribution Powered by Blockchain Technology

Innovative Revenue Distribution

Usage-Based Billing System



We settle and distribute content revenue according to clear and transparent standard. Moreover, we alleviate the burden derived from the costs of content creation through efficient revenue distribution process.

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PLATFORM partner

legal partner

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blockchain partner


CONTENTS partner



Sang Su Lee

We will lead the development of innovative, trust-based business model to reach our goal of building a sustainable content ecosystem.




Jun Seok Oh

We will act as an engine that supports the journey of challenge and innovation of Stream Protocol by minimizing financial risk and by efficiently distributing resources.



Jin Su Park

We will build a trust-backed OTT ecosystem that enables fair and transparent media content revenue distribution through Stream Protocol.



Chang Kyun Lee

We will focus on the betterment of individual lifestyle to improve quality of life. Also, we will increase the value of globalization and become a company that leads global trend.




2020 07

Stream protocol

- Sign MOU with OTT platform(Staby)

- Form partnerships with companies in the digital content industry

2020 10

Stream protocol

- Mainnet launch

- Development of Rest API

2020 11

Stream protocol based OTT media service

- Development of payment and settlement systems
- Integrate with OTT media service

2020 12

Stream protocol based OTT media service
- Beta launch

2021 q1

Stream protocol based OTT media service
- Official launch

2021 q2

Stream protocol based OTT media service
- Content revenue distribution subscription service launch

2021 q3

Stream protocol based OTT media service
- Expansion of business partnerships
- Content crowdfunding system launch

2019 11

Launching of Stream Protocol Project

2020 04

Application of patent for Stream Protocol business model




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